The Transformational Journey begins with You.

Your new life starts right here, today!

The Lifestyle Transformer is a process of un-layering and breaking down your self-limiting beliefs to create the best version of yourself. Metamorphosis can happen at any stage of your life if you are open to its possibilities.

Program Information

Take the first step today on your own journey towards positive, empowering change and transformation by filling out the contact form. Jayne will be in touch with you to discuss your unique prescriptive program or to recommend the best course of treatment from her popular menu of services. Every journey starts with that one initial step, so get ready to make yours now and book yourself in for her Taster Session.

You are a unique and complex individual in a constant state of flux and evolution. Chances are you will always have something that needs working on and that is perfectly alright. It's why The Lifestyle Transformer exists and it's why her programs are totally bespoke.

Perhaps you might be struggling with an element of your personal or professional life and need some external help adopting positive coping strategies? Whatever your background or issues, The Lifestyle Transformer can help you to unlock your full potential, clearing away blockages or self-limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back.

The Lifestyle Transformer will positively set you on your way towards success and a renewed feeling of liberation and empowerment.

With a vast professional toolkit, Jayne is able to offer a highly prescriptive range of programs. So go ahead and browse the menu of services or get in touch for more details about how The Lifestyle Transformer can create a fully bespoke and customized experience, uniquely tailored to YOU.


Bespoke Transformational Program

12 x one hour fully bespoke individual sessions
A fluid and unique program that is entirely tailored to your needs.
This is an intensive and transformational process so be prepared for real and lasting changes to occur.
Your Lifestyle Transformer will prescribe a series of treatments and sessions which may include coping and stress management strategies, to holistic therapies. All are designed to deliver actionable results.

Your 2-Hour Transformation

A 2-hour one to one session with The Lifestyle Transformer designed to instantly reduce feelings of overwhelm.

In this session, you will actively start working on the source of any recurring issues in order to transform existing behavioral patterns.

This is the perfect next step following your Taster session or to regularly top-up your treatment program.


Taster Session

The perfect introduction to The Lifestyle Transformer. In this One Hour Taster session, you will start to peel away the layers of self-doubt and begin the transformative process of self-awareness that will bring about real and lasting change.


In today's fast-paced environment finding stillness and quietening the mind can be tricky. The J.I.G.S.A.W group sessions, you will have the opportunity to make lasting connections and also learn how to sit and calm your monkey mind working alongside your natural breath. 

The result? You will feel refreshed and inspired, ready to go about your month with renewed energy and insight. The important elements of your life will naturally click into place and you will feel whole again. Just like a J.I.G.S.A.W.


A little step may be the start of a great journey.

Time Rituals Information

Commitment and immersion in your own well-being truly pays off so why not invest in one of Jayne's signature Time Rituals? Incorporating a range of treatments from her vast holistic tool-kit, you can choose from 60-minutes, 90-minutes or 120-minutes. 

Each time ritual begins with an initial consultation to assess your needs and is a tailored relaxation experience, uniquely created specifically for you. Jayne's signature Time Rituals are designed to revitalise, re-energise, re-balance and relax her clients, holistically connecting Mind, Body and Spirit.

A typical 60-minute Time Ritual could include some Reiki, Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing,and a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage. It's a truly immersive and totally bespoke experience created by Jayne, just for you. 



Choose from 60-minutes, 90-minutes or 120-minutes

Enjoy a totally tailored and bespoke relaxation with one of Jayne's signature Time Rituals. All you need to decide is how many minutes to go for.

Holistically connecting your Mind, Body and Spirit.

About Your Lifestyle Transformer

Welcome to my little slice of the internet.

I sincerely hope that my personal journey will help and inspire you to work on your very own Lifestyle Transformation. Believe me when I tell you that it is never too late to make positive and even radical changes. I know, because I have just successfully come through my own very recent and transformative journey and it is that hands-on experience that makes me qualified not only to improve but to transform your life in more ways that you would believe are possible.

My name is Jayne, and I would love to be your Lifestyle Transformer; to assist, support and to provide you with the tools you require to become the very best version of yourself. Think of it like an Upgrade, Version 2.0! Actually, you might even be on Version 5.0 by now. Whatever stage of life you are at, it is all about evolving, and a process of discovery, which is where my extensive toolkit of skills combined with my life experience can be uniquely tailored to create a program that is intuitively right for you. We are all individuals with our unique, idiosyncrasies and so I deliver a truly personalized and prescriptive programme that centers around you and you only.

You might be wondering what qualifies me to be your Lifestyle Transformer?  What even is a Lifestyle Transformer?

I hope to be that one person you can trust implicitly to give you the clarity, confidence and coping strategies you need to revolutionize your current life. I’m not a counselor, a holistic therapist, a mentor or a life coach. I am all of these things and more besides, and I am here to encourage and support but also to make you accountable for bringing real and genuine transformation into your own life.

My own story started back in Junior school aged 10 when my teacher described me as “tolerant, cheerful and kind. Willing to help others while remaining serene in her own personality”. It is this underlying sensitivity, inclusivity, and authenticity that have always powered me through my own life and steered me successfully through some dark times. By dark times we are talking about the ultimate challenges. My Mum being diagnosed with a malignant melanoma on the day of my final examinations to become a dance teacher, experiencing bereavement at 18 and fast forward to more recent times when I have thankfully had the resolve and courage to escape a damaging and abusive marriage.

All of these challenges have shaped the person that I am today, and as I open a new and exciting chapter in my own life, I look forward to supporting you in doing the same. Don’t worry if you don’t quite know how the journey will unfold, just trust in the process, your own inner voice and my vast portfolio of skills, 

Together I can help you achieve the truly remarkable life that you deserve. Together we can bring about Your Lifestyle Transformation.



The Lifestyle Transformer is the only UK professional to work in the way she does, creating a bespoke and practical package of therapies and strategies based on your own unique requirements.


Professional Qualifications

  • Certificate in Counselling Skills

  • Guided Meditation Teacher

  • Shoden First Degree Reiki

  • Okuden Second Degree Reiki

  • Shinipiden Masters Degree Reiki

  • Swedish and Deep Massage

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Tibetan Healing

  • Crystal Healing

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Hopi Ear Candling

  • Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 3

Practical Strategies Implemented

  • Coping Strategies

  • Lifestyle Management

  • Natural breathwork and movement

  • Hormonal support and education

  • Diary management

  • Stress management

  • Health and Well Being Plans


Client Experiences

Learn what other clients have to say about their own life-changing transformations.


"Jayne has changed my life. Her ability to know exactly what I need, without knowing myself has led me to make changes to my life, that I didn't know were possible. I am so grateful that I have worked through two amazing transformational programmes with Jayne and look forward to another one soon, where I can go even deeper to learn even more about myself and my journey."

Hayley McGlachie

"I was not in a good place and had experienced a few major setbacks which meant my confidence was at an all-time low.  It seemed the whole world was against me and I was running on empty, feeling that someone somewhere would eventually undercover the dreadful fact that I wasn’t perfect.  I was struggling with ‘being me’, with finding my own identity and generally feeling as if I had been washed up on a desert island with no map, no focus and no support.

Jayne showed me how to regain my sense of purpose, my confidence and the ability to see myself for who I really am – someone who is comfortable in their own skin, actually quite likes themselves, can survive without being dependent on others and is confident to deal with whatever challenges life throws my way.  

The shift was massive.  I am totally more at one with myself both personally and professionally. 

To anyone contemplating whether to take the step and seek Jayne’s support, I would say, ‘don’t hesitate!’  She really is a lifestyle transformer and will push you to get to the place where you can be the best version of you.  It feels a wonderful place to be – I promise!  Don’t wait.  Take that first step.  I certainly did not regret doing so.

 The shift was massive.  I am totally more at one with myself both personally and professionally.  I have been told I look more radiant, happier and like I’ve emerged from a chrysalis!"

Jackie Harris

"As a busy professional, trying to juggle several careers, I was finding it difficult to just BE in the moment. To quieten my mind and to find time to relax and let go. As a consequence, I was suffering from severe bouts of insomnia and frequent attacks of anxiety. Working with Jayne, I was able to find the space I needed just to let go. To be present and to be accepting of the fact that I was already accomplishing so much. With some carefully tailored copy strategies and some much-needed diary management, I am now happy to say that I've added writing a successful blog to that list of careers and I am sleeping like a baby! Thank you Jayne."

Catherine Daniel

Interested in working with The Lifestyle Transformer?

Take the first step today on your own journey towards positive, empowering change and personal transformation by filling out our contact form. Jayne will be in touch with you to discuss your unique prescriptive program or to recommend the best course of treatment from her popular menu of services. It all starts with you so go ahead and get in touch.

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